Consignment Process

Consignment process with NityaPushta is as easy as 1-2-3-4. Our team will help you make it straightforward and fun.

While consigning to us comes with several benefits, our unique value proposition is the 0% Seller Commission. You as a consignor, get exactly what is the hammer price for your lots. There is no additional or hidden costs involved.

You can complete your consignment in following Easy Steps:

  1. Contact us at [email protected] and describe your lots, offerings, expected base prices and scans. Provide as much details as possible in your first email, which will help us evaluate and come up with a decision to move forward with next steps or to advice otherwise
  2. On receiving the basic details, our Auction team will evaluate the offerings and will reach out to you with one or more of following:
    1. Provide you tentative appraised value of your lots and with suggested base prices.
    2. Suggestion of re-structuring your lots
    3. Asking more or clear scans, information, provenances of your lots
    4. Outright Purchase or Guaranteed Sale offer AND/OR, Digital Shipment Approval
    5. If Digital Shipment is not approved by our auction team then request for Arranging the dispatch of your lots to our office.
    6. Rejection of your lots (if we find your lots are not apt for our current offerings in the upcoming auctions) may involve more than one communication and ideally be concluded within 10 days of first contact, subject to prompt responses from seller.
  3. Once we receive your lots (Physical/Digital as per approval), you will receive final confirmation of consignment acceptance and receipt after our Quality Check process.
    At this stage, we will scan, refine the graphics and place it appropriately in our upcoming auctions catalogue. Once the catalogue is prepared, you will receive the copy of the same either in print copy or digital as per the availability.
  4. On the day of Auction, you will have access to our Online Auction Portal where you will be able to see the real time bidding on your lots. As soon as the auctions are concluded, our Auction team will arrange the invoices and payments from our buyers. One the realization of the payments, your lots are handed over to the buyer. You will be paid promptly after 4 weeks from the date of shipment of lots to the buyer. All payments will be made either by Bank Transfer or through Cheque/DD if advised so by you. We do not accept or provide Cash.

Take this unique opportunity to get the best value of your collection and reach out to us to start the Consignment Process now.

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