About us

Who We Are

NityaPushta , a wholly owned unit of Connecting Roots, is a group of experienced and enthusiastic philatelic collectors of India and is led by Mr. Anurag Srivastava.

The concept of NityaPushta originated out of the challenges being faced by the philatelic collectors. Lack of transparent and efficient auction houses is one the major road block for seasoned and upcoming collectors of India to pursue this hobby.

Identifying and accepting these challenges, the team at NityaPushta came up with the idea of setting up a unique and technologically advanced Auction house offering the most transparent and efficient selling & buying process.

Based out in Vadodara, Gujarat, we consist of a team of Subject Matter Experts, Auctioneers, Administrative Support, Logistics & Financial Management individuals. Together we make a formidable team of dedicated individuals.

Our focus is on providing an absolutely transparent, honest and affordable platform to help the Indian Philatelic Collectors to trade & participate in philatelic auctions and to get the best of the deals for both.

Apart from Philatelic Auctions, NityaPushta is part of several cultural organizations and is actively pursuing the promotion and enhancement of this hobby in young children through various means and ways. Additionally, we conduct several philatelic seminars, knowledge sessions and participate in exhibitions time to time, with a genuine endeavour of bringing awareness among the public in large.

We are happy to address any of the questions you might have and will be glad to assist in our best capacity.

You can reach out to us using our Contact Form, or email us at [email protected]

Anurag Srivastava

Chief Executive Officer