Partner with us

NityaPushta is a team of passionate and experienced philatelic collectors and is technologically one of the most advanced auction house of India.

The philatelic market and auction business in India is generally marred by the unethical and non-transparent practices which has resulted in big vacuum in the industry and has been one of the major reason for the decline of positivity towards this Hobby of Kings.

NityaPushta recognizes this vacuum and brings in the commitment of transparency, ethics and fair practice in the Philatelic Trade being offered. Our aim is to create a Win-Win situation.

For our buyers to get best of the class materials at aligned and just prices, it is most important that our vendors gets the right value of the materials which they are offering. When this happens, all are the winners.

To bring this winning situation for all, we have come up with unique concept of 0% Seller Commission with additional benefits and maximum savings for our seller partners.

That effectively means, our sellers get exactly what is the hammer price for their lots.

In addition to that, under our Partnership Program, we offer multiple benefits which include (but not limited to):

  1. Transparent 0% Seller Commission at hammer price with no hidden cost
  2. Zero cost of appraisal, Lot building, Digitization & Cataloguing
  3. Shared or Zero cost of shipping & packaging for pre-approved consignments
  4. Outright Purchases, Cash Advances & Guaranteed Sale for pre-approved lots
  5. Track and maintain your sales in real time basis on our advanced application platform, on the go on your smartphone or at your comfort of home PC.

Becoming a NityaPushta partner is absolutely Free and comes with endless benefits. Please get in touch with our representatives and we will be with you throughout the entire process.